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Michael Bright, CPO | Certified Prosthetist Orthotist


Mike is the co-owner of North Bay Prosthetics and Orthotics. As a Certified Prosthetist Orthotist (CPO), Mike brings nearly 30 years of experience to the practice. His experience ranges from pediatric orthopedic patients to geriatric prosthetics. Mike is certified in all computer prosthetic components as well as upper extremity myoelectric prosthetic fittings. Mike has a Bachelors degree in sports medicine and completed his orthotic and prosthetic training at Northwestern University.

Mike enjoys and active life style with interest in sports and the outdoors. He has enjoyed helping his patient return to their own level of activity through innovative product design.


Kyle Eckhart | Certified Prosthetist Orthotist


Kyle received his training in Orthotics from Northwestern University in Illinois, and prosthetics training from Cal State Dominguez Hills in California. He has been working with patients for nearly 20 years. He enjoys finding ways to help his patients become as functional as possible, and get back to their active lifestyles quickly. He has experience with micro processor prosthetic knees, vacuum suspension systems and electronic leg bracing, spinal and pediatric bracing.

Kyle enjoys spending time with his family water skiing, mountain biking, hiking and just hanging out together. He enjoys coffee too much and makes a killer roasted marshmallow. He also enjoys getting to know people, and hearing their stories.


Nadine Gonzalez | Senior Administrative Manager

Nadine is our Office Manager in the beautiful Napa Valley. She completed her Medical Assisting Course in 2004 and has been in the medical field ever since. She is fluent in Spanish, and has worked with Kyle and Mike since 2006.

Nadine is specifically trained in the fitting and delivery of prefabricated orthotic devices and soft goods. Nadine also does all of our Billing and Accounts Receivables for our Napa office. She verifies that all patient information and insurance is accurate, and ensures the privacy and security of protected health information per HIPPA requirements, and adheres to all safety regulations, and oversees that all clinician documentation is compliant and complete.

Nadine strives to provide the highest level of customer service to our diverse community.


Edwin Suarez | Certified Prosthetist Orthotist

Edwin loves the variety of patients he gets to encounter and says "every day is always new and there are always different challenges." As Edwin puts it, "Being able to see and help people has been very enriching to my life. Working with children in particular has been very fulfilling, especially seeing them excited about their new orthotics and braces. Being with this company has allowed me to help people as much as I can."
Edwin loves to spend his free time with his wife and his three beautiful children. They like to enjoy the outdoors and trying new things. As an adventurous foodie, you can usually find Edwin on Yelp trying to find new restaurants to try.   


Luis Mora |  Certified Prosthetist

Luis is an ABC Certified Prosthetist with 10 years of clinical experience in the field of prosthetics. His interest in the field stems from the loss of his own left leg below the knee 25 years ago. Luis completed his BS in Kinesiology with a minor in Biology in 2007 at California State University East Bay. He completed his Prosthetics Certification at Cal State Domiguez Hills in 2009 and since then has been providing direct patient care.


Luis enjoys fitting and fabricating custom prosthetic limbs as well as sharing his personal prosthetic experience with his patients. Outside of work he enjoys an active lifestyle and spending time with his family.

"I enjoy working at North Bay Prosthetics and Orthotics because we see a wide variety of patients. I enjoy fabricating custom prosthetics and our on-site lab allows me to fabricate most of what we fit," Luis said.


Adriana Llamas | Administrative Medical Assistant

Adriana has been in the medical field for more than a decade. She started her medical career in physical therapy and then moved on to become an administrative medical assistant North Bay Prosthetics and Napa Valley Orthotics.

Adriana is responsible for patient management in the Fairfield office. She is fluent in Spanish. Patients are always excited to receive a warm welcome from Adriana. She always has a cheerful attitude and friendly smile.


Jason Silber | Certified Prosthetist Orthotist


Jason says that "North Bay is wonderful to work for. It's a very relaxed environment that's more like a family than a business." He appreciates working for a company "that puts patient care at the forefront of their mission." And, he said his job is like "medical arts and crafts." Who wouldn't love that?

When Jason isn't working, he enjoys spending time outdoors doing things like hunting, camping and fishing. After work on weekdays, you can find Jason at the gym or playing with his cat, Chidori.


Josephine "JoJo" Jacob | Office Administrator/Patient Coordinator

JoJo says that she "loves how close everyone is: at North Bay. "We function just like a family and we treat each other as such," she said.JoJo also likes to watch the prosthetists create new prosthetics and see how each differs from each other. She also really enjoys "seeing all the different patients we get. Seeing so many people from different backgrounds, with different stories, always keep work interesting. You can usually find me at my desk doodling with younger patients and kids to keep them happy and entertained"


Jojo has a bachelor’s in Kinesiology from San Francisco State University with a background in sports medicine, athletic training and physical therapy. She enjoys watching and discussing movies, practicing her boxing skills, and learning useless trivia. She also is a very dedicated fan to all things Disney and Pixar. More importantly, she is her dog's number 1 fan. Go Grayson! Spending quality time and eating out with her family is also a huge priority for her.


Blue Toledo | Office Administrator/Patient Coordinator


Blue says she really enjoys how "family oriented" North Bay is and that she and her fellow employees share "a genuine care for one another and for our patients." You'll often find Blue "Speaking with our patients as they wait in lobby to be seen" because it "not only helps them become comfortable but also gives me the opportunity to get to know them a little better." Seeing "how satisfied our patients are with us and knowing we are making life better for them definitely leaves a satisfying feeling at the end of the day," she said.


Outside of work, blue enjoys "spending time with my son and our pets; two dogs, two cats, lizard and turtle. We enjoy the outdoors- even more since my son is in Cub Scouts. We love to hike, snowboard, and go to the lake to wakeboard, inner-tube, camping, and going to the beach, surf fishing and just about anything doable outside. I love to cook!" Blue is originally from the Bronx, New York. She is a huge fan of the Giants, Yankees, Knicks, and Rangers. She said, "I believe my ultimate purpose in life is being a mother to my son- he’s my entire universe!"


Bianca Gonzalez | Office Administrator/Patient Care Coordinator

Bianca has been a part of North Bay Prosthettics and Orthotics for 8 years. She says that she loves working everyday "with my fantastic team." As Bianca puts it, "Everyone has always been so kind, positive, and welcoming. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories, and I make every effort to find the best path of care for each patient. We all care deeply, and are committed to providing the best care for each one of our patients, making each visit with us exceptional."

When Bianca is not working, she is pursuing a degree in Psychology. She enjoys working out, doing yoga, hiking, going on spontaneous adventures, and spending time with her family.


Nataly Gonzalez | Office Administrator/Patient Coordinator


Nataly loves working for a company that is family-oriented and welcoming. "I love that this company takes such good care not only of their patients, but also their employees." She said the entire team cares genuinely about one another and about everyone who walks through the door. "Whatever our patients or employees need, we all pull together to make that happen."

In her free time, Nataly enjoys hiking and spending time at home with her family. They love to play board games and watch movies together. She also likes to spend time at the ranch with her horses. Getting her kids involved in cooking and baking is a favorite when she's at home. She also likes to enjoy some "me time" and says "coffee is life!"

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