North Bay Prosthetics is committed to finding the best possible solution for each and every patient. While there are standard services that we provide every day, we also have a number of other capabilities that aren't listed here.

Our best advice is to make an appointment for a consultation so we can discuss your needs and work together to create a care plan for you. 



  • Pre-amputation prosthetic counseling

  • Postoperative prosthetics (IPOP)

  • Trans tibial (below knee)

  • Trans femoral (above knee)

  • Trans humeral (above elbow)

  • Trans radial (below elbow)

  • Myoelectric prosthetic designs for the upper extremity

  • Microprocessor control for the above knee amputee

  • Pediatric designs

  • Shrinker for edema control

  • Definitive and preparatory designs



  • Spinal bracing for post operative and chronic conditions

  • Scoliosis bracing full time and nocturnal applications

  • Functional Electrical Stimulus

  • Fracture bracing

  • Halo’s

  • Foot orthotics

  • Ankle Foot Orthotics (AFO’s)

  • Knee Ankle Foot Orthotics (KAFO’s)

  • Knee Bracing (Sports to osteoarthritic designs)

  • Hip orthosis for dislocation of the chronic hip

  • Upper Extremity Orthoses (contracture management to chronic overuse injury)

  • Cranial Remolding Orthoses