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At North Bay Prosthetics & Orthotics we understand nothing is more important to you than the health of your child. When it comes to treating cranial deformation with a remolding orthosis, time is of the essence. The ideal age to begin is 5-months of age (1). If your little one is older than that, don't worry. The window of opportunity lasts until the fontanelle's of the skull finish fusing at the age of 18-months. Starting later just means the overall treatment may take a little longer. 


The purpose of the orthosis is to create an ideal space in which your child's head can grow. It doesn't use any active pressure but rather allows for the cranium to fill in empty space strategically built into the helmet to achieve an ideal symmetric head shape. Research has shown that the use of a cranial remolding orthoses is faster and more successful than just the use of physical therapy and repositioning programs (2)(3).

Call us today to schedule a free consultation. At the consultation we can take measurements and even a quick and easy 3D scan of your child's head to help identify any misshaping. Speak with our friendly office administrators to see if insurance will cover the cost.

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